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Auto mechanic, Trace Jones, wants two things from life—to be left alone and to start his own business. Crashing his car and becoming stranded on Emily Payton’s pig farm in rural Missouri puts a definite kink in his plans.

Emily Payton knows her swine better than anyone. As far as she’s concerned, she’d rather keep company with a pig than any of the men in her community, who don’t even see her as a woman.

In danger of losing her farm to back taxes, Emily doesn’t need the distraction of Mr. California gorgeous. Trace Jones is nothing but a sexy, brooding diversion from her worries—until she breaks her arm.

How can Trace ignore Emily’s plight when he can’t ignore the growing attraction between them? She is everything he isn’t—innocent, kind, good. Now all Trace has to do is convince Emily he is her Chance of a Lifetime

Pediatric nurse Cassy Collins dreams of one day becoming an accomplished equestrienne. Her riding instructor, former champion horse show jumper David Carlyle, needs to recover both emotionally and physically from a bad fall.

But neither expects a relationship, stable or otherwise, to complicate their lives.

When divorced real estate agent Veronica Dowling returns to her Florida hometown to start her life over, she holds a secret even she doesn’t know. Finally independent, the last thing she wants is to rekindle a romance with the man she ran from ten years ago.

Former bad boy Julian Jefferson is now a respected cop. He has no intention of renewing a relationship with the woman who broke his heart in high school. But love soon rekindles in the small town—until he helps her uncover a secret that almost tears them apart again.



Dark Futuristic/Fantasy


Amber Heat


Paranormal Romance/Time Travel

Mainstream Fiction


Young Adult/Middle Reader


About Amber Quill Press, LLC

Amber Quill Press, LLC, which includes the imprints Amber Quill (Genre Fiction), Amber Heat (Erotica/Erotic Romance) and Amber Allure (GLBT Fiction), provides exciting books in both electronic and paperback format! To form our roster of authors, we hand-selected writers who not only possess enormous talent, but who firmly believe in the fine art of writing, and who continually develop and excel at their chosen craft. From offering tales of gripping suspense and paranormal romance, hair-raising horror and spellbinding science fiction, to enchanting fantasies and sweeping historical sagas, Amber Quill Press, LLC is certain to have something to satisfy your needs!

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